Muscle Tears

Muscle Tears and Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

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Muscular tears and injuries can occur in any combination for  athletes who are:
  • fatigued
  • have muscular imbalances
  • poor conditioning
  • when the muscles are too tight and not stretched properly.
  • or a combination of these issues.


Healing Tip: Rest The Muscle
It is important that for efficient healing to occur, you rest the muscle tear – even when using  homeopathy.

  • We advise that you take a break from exercising until the muscle feels able to performing activity without significant pain.
  • We recommend no heavy sports until this point.
  • Typically, this is about 1 week if you are using a homeopathic remedy, longer if not usually by a second week.
  • If there is significant pain that persists beyond one week, and you are using the suggested homeopathic remedies, we recommend that make an appointment with your doctor.


  • Injuries all start with Arnica first for the trauma.
  • Then use the Arnica cream  or gel externally in addition to an internal homeopathic remedy.


  • Pain is worsened by the slightest motion.
  • Continued motion only makes it worse.
  • Person is very thirsty.
  • Swelling of the injured joint, but not as marked as with Arnica.

Rhus Toxicodendron

  • The most frequently used remedy for muscle strains, sprains, muscle tears, torn ligaments and tendonitis.
  • Use for stiffness is worse during initial motion and gets better as the person continues to move.
  • It works especially well after lifting something heavy or overexertion.
  • Switch to Rhus toxicodendron or another remedy after the swelling and bruising has gone, but start with Arnica when you have a considerable swelling, bruising, and inflammation.

Ruta graveolens

  • #1 remedy for torn ligaments or wrenched tendons or ligaments.
  • Use Ruta after the initial swelling and pain has decreased.
  • Ruta can also be used when Rhus toxicodendron does not bring a desirable relief.



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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

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