Supplements For Athletes

Why Take Supplements?

pure_encap_many1. Our food supply is no longer sufficient in adequate minerals and nutrients for optimum health and top athletic performance.

2. On top of that, not every athlete always eats the most healthy, organic diet!

3. Therefore,  specific dietary supplements are essential for improved athletic performance in athletes or all ages and abilities.

Below is our top recommended list of the most important daily supplements and the amounts we recommend.  Read more about the each of these supplements at the individual links, why they are helpful and where to order:

  1. Cells Salts – various cell salts are using and  dosing depending on the condition.
  2. Iodine (12. 5 – 25 mg per day)- for thryoid and immune health
  3. Magnesium (400 – 800 mg per day)- the muscle and mind mineral
  4. Multivitamin – B Complex – (2 capsules per day) for optimal energy production
  5. Omega-3’s (about 1,200 mg) – essential fatty acid for brain and anti-inflammatory
  6. Selenium (200 mcg) – protector from heavy metals, especially mercury
  7. Vitamin C  (2,000 – 4,000 mg  per day) – #1 antioxidant
  8. Vitamin D (5,000 IU’s) – essential for bone health
  9. Zinc (30 – 60 mg) – critical enzyme for neurotransmitters, cellular health and brain function


Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury