Broken Bones & Stress Fractures

Broken Bones & Stress Fractures and Homeopathy

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Arnica montana

  • broken-arm-sling_1For pain and soreness of the arm, a bruised feeling
  • Relieves the swelling and bruising
  • For an overall bruised sensation
  • Used immediately after injury for the shock of the injury

Bryonia alba

  • For pain from least motion.
  • Person is very thirsty.
  • Person may be irritable.
  • Dry sensation especially of the mucus membranes in the body.


  • Stress fractures
  • Worse cold, dry, windy weather
  • Better in damp weather

Symphytum officinale

  • This remedy is made from “bone knit”.
  • #1 remedy to  help the bone to rapidly heal!
  • It there is a wire installed, check back early with your doctor, as the growth is very rapid and the wire may need to be checked sooner than normal!

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury