Famous Athletes Who Use Homeopathy

Famous Athletes Who Use Homeopathy!

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Why Do Famous Athletes Use Homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy stimulates natural healing, with natural substances.  It speed up the healing process from all types of sports injuries.
  • By stimulating the body’s natural capacity for healing, with natural substances, more rapid healing occurs –  without any suppressive, addictive or dangerous drugs.
  • This means athletes are quickly back to their training and competition at their highest performance level.
  • There is scientific evidence on the benefit of homeopathic medicines as a leading sports medicine throughout the world.
  • The effectiveness of homeopathy is established in hundreds of research studies which have been published in peer-reviewed international medical journals.
  • Read more about the most commonly used homeopathic medicines for sports injuries and athletes!

Here Are Some Famous Athletes Who Use Homeopathy!sports_olympics

  • Arnie Kander, USA, Strength and Conditioning Coach, NBA Detroit Piston.
  • Pat Riley, USA, Basketball coach, Miami Heat.
  • Paul O’Neill, USA, major league baseball player who won five World Series while playing for the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Kelly Slater, USA, surfing champion and ASP World Tour Champion for 11 times.
  • Elvis Stojko, Canadian figure skater and two time Olympic Silver Medalist.
  • Hermann Maier, Austria, skiing Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • Linford Christie, UK sprinter, 1992 Barcelona Olympic 100m sprint Champion.
  • Kate Schmidt, USA, two-time javelin Olympic Bronze Medalist.
  • Misty Hyman, USA gold medal in the 200-meter butterfly at the 2000 Summer Olympics
  • Sonja Johnson, Australian Equestrian Team, silver medalist at Beijing Olympics 2008.
  • Dr. Philippe Lageyre, UK sports doctor, who accompanies the rugby teams
  • Will Greenwood, UK, rugby player.
  • James Ellington, British Olympic sprinter and 2nd fastest sprinter in UK.
  • Jim Rogers and Neil Ridsdale, UK, who hold the record for the fastest time on the Yorkshire Wolds Way.
  • Annabel Croft, British tennis superstar.
  • Martina Navratilova, Czech and American tennis super star.
  • Boris Becker, German tennis super star.
  • Marie-Hélène Prémont, Canadian cross-country mountain biker.
  • Zaheer Khan, Indian cricket player.
  • David Beckham, British soccer player used homeopathy for a broken foot just prior to the 2002 World Cup.
  • Jean-Marcel Ferret, French sports doctor used homeopathy for the French soccer team from 1993 to 2004, which included their World Cup win.
  • Marko Pantelic, Serbian Soccer Player.
  • Soccer Players in Germany use homeopathy. In 2008, 24 out of 26 doctors (92.3%) who work for the Bundesliga’s (German soccer league) first and second division teams had prescribed homeopathic cures for 76% of the soccer teams!

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury