Testimonials From Athletes Using Homeopathy

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Here are some testimonials from athletes in middle school, high school, college and professional sports:

Lukas, College Basketball Player, California, USA.

“I have been using almost all of the homeopathic remedies on this website since I was 6 years old.  I get fast relief from all types of sports injuries, including muscle fatigue,back pain, pulled tendons and shin pain in basketball, volleyball, snow or water skiing, surfing or doing other active sports.  The remedies work FAST and help me heal quickly so I can stay strong and perform my best.  Homeopathy does the job!”

Homeopathy For Muscle Cramps in a High School Basketball Player, California, USA.

“Last night was the BIG playoff game for a high school championship tournament and one of the best starting point guards asked us to help him stop muscle cramps. On two of the previous games, unfortunately he was taken out of active play due to severe muscle cramping. He knew that for this important game, this could not happen! We gave him Rhus toxicodendron 1M, in water and advised him to take a sip from the bottle each time he hydrated during break on the bench. He took the advice and played well – the entire game! Muscle cramps can occur with exertion or from dehydration during intense exercise. Stay well hydrated and have this important sports remedy handy!”

Homeopathy for A Division 1 High School Athlete in Football, Florida, USA

A father of a Division 1 Football player, who under went surgery a few weeks ago for “turf toe”. He consulted with us for homeopathic remedies prior to the surgery, so his son would be ready sooner to be back on the football field. The father writes: “He’s doing quite well. So much so that at his last check up last week, his doctor estimates he is 3 – 4 weeks ahead of schedule with his recovery. He was very good about following your instructions and I’ve got to believe it had something to do with it. Thanks for all your help!”

Homeopathy for “A League” USA High School Athlete in Basketball.

“One of my top athlete clients, a high school basketball player, had a rough game on Wednesday, with several falls including an opposing player landing right on top of him, with a hard thud to his lower right shooting arm. Ouch! He dosed Arnica 1M in water initially for the injury, but a day layer there was obvious bruising and more deep tissue pain. The pain needed to be addressed fast because the big “Senior Night” game was on Friday. He took Bellis Perennis 1M in several water doses Thursday night and massaged Arnica cream on the area before bed. He woke up the next morning and report to me that “the pain was gone!” He and the team when on to win their Senior Night game – with a top performance by him!”

Kirsten  age 19,  San Jose, CA (Basketball and Volleyball) – 05.17
“I have been using homeopathic remedies since I was 4 years old for my health. It improves my confidence and performance in basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball as well as in dance and theater.  If I ever feel anxious before a big game or stage performance, Gelsemium helps me do my best! After strenuous practices or games, Arnica and Rhus Tox always help my body rapidly recover without lasting pain.  I know homeopathy works for me and I trust it!

Corey, age 17, San Jose, CA (Basketball)
“My back pain was killing me for several weeks and getting worse and worse. Nothing worked. Our basketball season had started with tournaments and yet I could barely walk to my classes.  I could not play or participate due to the pain. Other therapies were not working and did little to relieve my pain. After taking Rhus Toxidocodendron in high potencies on the advice of my Homeopath, within a few days I was back on the court and playing
and scoring in the games!  It was AMAZING to say the least and I am a believer in homeopathy now…it WORKS!

Andrew, age 18, San Jose (Track & Field)
“I broke my ankle this summer. Luckily it was after track season ended my senior year in high school.  But it happened a few weeks before I was to begin my summer college preseason training in track.  The Homeopath gave the remedy called Symphytum officinale which I took daily using water dosing.  After only one week on the remedy, my foot already felt great!  The healing was fast and when the cast, I was back running on the track.  Homeopathy definitely worked for me!”

Angelina, age 14, San Jose, CA (Ice Hockey)
“I am a tier-level travel ice hockey player who also participated in school sports throughout my middle school years. Last fall, I hadn’t sustained any specific injury, yet I was experiencing pain in both my knees, enough to severely impact my  performance. I was seen by an orthopedic specialist who diagnosed me with “chondromalacia patella (overuse)”.  An MRI confirmed that there was no structural damage in either knee and I began working with a physical therapist. It was then that the Homeopath introduced me to the remedy Rhus toxiocodendron in a water preparation. The Homeopathic Practitioner prescribed it to support my efforts in physical therapy exercises. After just a week on Rhus tox, I had  a general ease of the residual pain left over from my PT workouts. It also seemed to help sustain me throughout my continued activity in hockey and other sports. I took Rhus tox throughout the end of my hockey season in early April. I believe that the combination of her PT exercises and Rhus tox helped me get through a time where, without either, I would no doubt have had more pain and been rendered much more susceptible to injury.”

Trey, age 16, San Jose, CA (Football)
“I have used homeopathy to help with my injuries in football and track.  Arnica is a great remedy to help with swelling that happens after an injury.  One time my arm was really swelling up during a game and I had to leave the field, my mom gave me some Arnica dry in a high potency and I was able to get back in the game.  I have also used Rhus Tox for very tight muscles and it was helpful. “

LaVonn, age 17, San Jose, CA (Football)
“After I tore my ACL in football I needed surgery and also rest.  Before and after surgery, I took Ruta  to help the muscles in the area of my injury begin to  heal and stay stronger.  After surgery, I dosed Calendula to get rapid healing and to prevent infection.  I also took Ruta after my surgery and had more rapid healing than normal. I got back on my feet and off crutches in record time on my remedies!”

Richard, age 66, Palo Alto, CA (Soccer)
“I am a seasoned soccer player of many years in a  men’s soccer league. I play at a highly competitive level, with a passion for the game.  I have often used Arnica for general soreness, Rhus Tox for muscle exertion and Ruta graveolens for pulled tendons or ligaments.  Recently, while coaching my son’s baseball team, I was hit in the eye with the ball (!) and used Ledum palustre for relief.  Even in my mid 60’s, I am able to keep up my speed, energy and recovery from game injuries and exertion rapidly with homeopathic remediesHomeopathy has been a critical asset to my sports performance and overall health and with it, I intend to stay active for a long time! “

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury