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This Homeopathy for Athletes website offers information and resources to athletes and the general public on classical homeopathy and nutrition for educational and informational purposes only.  Homeopathy for Athletes, any Associated Homeopaths, author(s) and/or it’s publisher are NOT responsible for any ill effects, loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to caused by the information contained in this website or for the misuse of this information.

This website is in no way intended as a substitute for professional homeopathic and/or medical care or a medical diagnosis.  Nothing described in this web site should be construed by any reader or other person to be a diagnosis or treatment for any disease or condition. Any use or misuse of the information presented here for educational and entertainment purposes are the sole responsibility of the reader.  All content on this website are intended as an adjunct to, not a substitute for professional homeopathic and/or medical treatment.

If you are seeking a medical diagnosis, please consult with a licensed medical professional. Homeopathic treatments and/or nutritional therapies should be undertaken only under the direct guidance and care of a properly and fully trained Health Care Professional who specializes in the services rendered.

About the Practice of Homeopathy in the State of California, USA

The State of California does NOT offer licenses in homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is alternative and complementary to the various healing arts that are licensed by the State of California.

Under the Medical Practice Act, specifically Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code, homeopathic practitioners in California may provide services as long as they meet certain requirements and restrictions.

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury