Vitamin C

Vitamin C

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Recommended Adult Dose of Vitamin C

Doseage: 2,000 mg per day (1,000 mg at breakfast and 1,000 at dinner). More doses than this depends on the tolerance for each person and their age and health circumstances.

Cathart’s Vitamin C Powder as Sodium Ascorbate

For those with adrenal fatigue and those who are very active in sports, we recommend 4,000 mg per day (2,000 mg at breakfast and 2,000 at dinner) of the sodium ascorbate type of Vitamin C from the Vitamin C Foundaton, which is alkaline based, so in high doses it will not u:pset the digestive tract like the acidic form of Vitamin C, called “ascorbic acid).

Why Should Athletes Take Vitamin C?

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.  It will help the toxins we produce in each cell to  drain faster and more efficiently.
  • Humans do not manufacture vitamin C internally, it must be obtained constantly through dietary sources or supplements. Did you that humans and guinea pigs are the only 2 mammals that do not produce their own vitamin C?  It’s true!  This is why we must supplement it.
  • The most important function of Vitamin C in the brain is the reduction of oxidative stress. This is accomplished by clearing away free radicals and by methylation of the various materials.
  • More Vitamin C is contained in the adrenal glands than any other organ in the body. Therefore Vitamin C is required at higher levels during times of stress, which include for sports and athletes.

Why Take Vitamin C as “Sodium Ascorbate” ?

  • Bulk sodium ascorbate powder from the Vitamin C Foundation This type of Vitamin C is a  water soluble nutrient as sodium ascorbate that is quickly oxidized.
  • The best Vitamin C to use in higher doses is the non-acid and water soluble powder called sodium ascorbate because it is pH neutral.  The acid one called “ascorbic acid”.   In higher doses, it can irritate the gut in this form.
  • This makes it gentler on the digestive system and better tolerated especially in higher doses. In this way, it is also more easily absorbed and utilized.

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury