Ruta Graveolens

Ruta Graveolens (Ruta)
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  • RX_ruta-graveolens_pillsFor deep aching pain from bruises to the lining of the bones.
  • Excellent for torn and wrenched tendons.
  • Use after being kicked in the shin or have tennis elbow after Arnica.
  • Excellent remedy is for stiffness and inflexibility of muscles. 
  • Used after Rhus Tox for similar issues.
  • For loss of elasticity of muscles and tendons.
  • Tennis elbow.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome with overuse injuries of typists, musicians, computer programmers and other people who use their wrists excessively. 
  • Used for eyestrain, ganglion cysts.
  • Worse in cold, wet weather.
  • Worse by overexertion.
  • Better with gentle movement and warmth like Rhus Tox.

Quick Facts About Ruta Gravelons

  • RX_ruta_graveolensPlant remedy made from rue or  bitterwort.
  • Know also as Bitter Herb and Herb of Grace. The word “rue” means “to regret”.
  • It is a bitter tasting herb native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.
  • This homeopathic remedy has been given since the 1820’s making it one of the oldest and most well known within the world of homeopathy!

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Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury

Homeopathy For Athletes and Sports Injury