Head Concussions

Head Concussions and Homeopathy

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Head injury or concussion can be a serious and life threatening injuries – call 911 and get immediate medical advice!  Homeopathic remedies will follow emergency medical treatment later.

Aconite napellus

  • Acute fear of death after head injury.
  • Use immediate after if the person is shaking in fear.
  • Use Aconite for restimulated fears from the initial injury or trauma, even years later it is still effective.


  • #1 remedy for immediate use after any trauma, especially head injury.
  • Bruising  accompanies the concussion.
  • If the person is conscious, they will say that they are ok, when obviously they are not.
  • Sleepiness, going in and out of stupor.
  • If asked a question, they will answer correctly, then go back to sleep.
  • Face may be hot while the rest of the body is cold.
  • A person with chronic after-effects of head injury needing Arnica are often spacey and seem disconnected, almost as if they aren’t quite in their bodies.

Cicuta virosa

  • Childish, at times imbecilic behavior after a concussion.
  • Convulsions and dizziness.

Hypericum perforatum

  • Convulsions may soon follow a head injury.
  • Chronic mental changes and headaches can persist after the injury.
  • This is a major remedy for the effects of spinal contusions.


  • For chronic mental dullness, slowness and confusion after head injury.
  • The person seems stupefied, answering questions slowly, if at all.
  • Their awareness of their mental limitations may be frightening to them.

Natrum sulphuricum

  • For the after-effects of concussions.
  • Symptoms of post-traumatic brain damage are seen in cognitive thinking, concentration, memory changes, dizziness, convulsions, tinnitus.
  • The personality changes  –  person shows irritability, confusion, and especially depression, even suicidal thoughts.


  • For stupor or coma following head injury.
  • Breathing tends to be rattling or snoring.
  • Pupils are constricted.
  • The face is bloated and flushed.
  • Reflexes may be almost absent.


  • Follows after Opium for concussion.





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